Runner of the month — August

Charissa Ng


When and why did you start running? 

I really don’t remember when I started running! My mom was a “jogger” and she wore jogging suits when she went jogging with her friends. When I was a pre-teen, sometimes I’d tagged along. I had jogging suits, too, and I wanted to utilize them properly. lol.  

Who or what inspires and motivates you to run?

Today, I am inspired by so many people and things.  Everyone at WeRunSF inspires me. I really enjoy hearing stories about how someone just started the running journey, or how someone just completed marathon #50. It is great to hear how someone is excited about the bling received from their last race, or how someone is running to feel better, to overcome adversity, to release stress, etc. I can keep going! Everyone’s stories are so awesome!

Also, running medals totally inspire me. The bling calls to me. lol.  I have a collection of running medals, and I am always seeking to expand my collection :)

How many miles do you run each week and what’s your favorite workout?

My weekly mileage constantly changes. If I am training for a marathon, then I force myself to run more miles. My favorite route goes through Lands End. The views are always so beautiful, and the stairs are always so challenging! Lands End has enough of everything to make me sweat a lot, and to properly train me for any race of any distance!

What’s your favorite race distance? And what was your most memorable race and tell us why?

My favorite race distance is the half marathon. 13.1 miles is far enough so I need to train (and go to run club-yeay), but it isn't so far that I cannot still go out that night. The half marathon is the most life-friendly distance!

My most memorable half marathon is the Old Koloa Sugar Mill in Kauai. It was a tiny race, with around a few hundred people running the half. The race route was beautiful, with so many rainbows! I stopped to take photos so many times, that I realized I became the very last person, but I did not know the race route by memory! So, I put away my phone quickly, and I got GOING!!!

What running goals do you have for the future?

I would love to run the New York City Marathon! I heard so many good things about it! The NYC Marathon also has a Tiffany necklace for purchase, and that is definitely my ultimate running goal :)

Do you have a favorite running story that you'd like to share?

At my first marathon, the San Francisco Marathon, between miles 22 - 24, I felt like everything hurt, including my hair. I was following a pace group, and a kind runner started talking to me, about all his other marathons, and how he started running. He said that he was going to keep up a constant flow of talk, since he was a talker anyways, to distract me from the pain of running my first marathon. At that time, I did not understand how nice that really was, but today, after I just finished my 8th marathon, again at the San Francisco Marathon, I completely appreciate how much he helped! Maybe I can pay it forward one day...  

What food do you like to reward yourself with after a hard run?

Fish tacos. They're so good.  

What do you like to do when you’re not running?

Playing the ukulele. If anyone is interested in learning or jamming, come talk to me!!!

What advice would you like to offer your fellow runners?

NEVER GIVE UP. Even though running today sometimes feel hard, you will appreciate the efforts tomorrow. Running is definitely worth it! 


Thank you Charissa for being a part of the WeRunSF family and good luck with your goals. Perhaps one day you’ll run a half marathon while playing the ukulele!

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