Runner of the month — November

Shimei Joh


When did you start running? 

January 1st, 2016

Who or what inspired and/or motivated you to start running?

My running friends had me sign up for the Nike New Year's 100 miles challenge. 

I didn't win that challenge but got hooked with tracking my mileages since then. 

I feel every new record is a new reward to me. Even the struggling one with tears is still better than not running. 

I started at 12:30 min/miles pace two years ago. Now I am running at 8:30 min/miles.

It’s not easy to improve; but there is always a room for improvement in running :) 

How many miles do you run each week?

30 miles per week

What’s your running goal for next year?

To keep up 30 miles a week. I also want to improve my average pace to less than 9 min/miles — including trail running.

What do you like to do when you’re not running or working out?

Traveling, hiking, Japanese food, beer, wine, whiskey, friends and laughter. 

What advice do you offer to your fellow runners?

Always listen to your condition. Don’t push too hard at once or you’ll injure yourself. 

Running is a lifelong sports. No need of rush. As long as you don’t stop, the results will come along.

My goal is to build up my shape so that I can enjoy running well into my retirement; and possibly be Boston Qualified in my 60s. Haha.


Thank you Shimei for being a part of the WeRunSF family. And thanks for always running with a smile.

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